Just thought I would document my efforts with uploading a local version of WordPress to a live website. I know it is straightforward. But the straightforward way did not work with Beaver Builder…

Attempt 1:

I used the “Duplicator” Plugin. I liked the ease of this plugin to upload from local to live. However, the Beaver Builder plugin did not like this.

Attempt 2:

I did it manually with exporting my db, uploading my files with FTP and doing a simple find and replace in phpmyadmin from localhost to www.domain.com. However, the Beaver Builder plugin did not like this.

Attempt 3:

At this point I was fairly annoyed so then I went to my friend called Google. I found my answer. Turns out that Beaver Builder needs a serialized find and replace. I used this one which the developers of Beaver Builder recommend: https://interconnectit.com/products/search-and-replace-for-wordpress-databases/PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!

  1. Back up website and database before proceeding.
  2. Export local WordPress database.
  3. Create New Database on Web Hosting.
  4. Create New User on New Database and assign all privileges to said User.
  5. Import data to New Database.
  6. Upload WordPress files via FTP.
  7. Set permissions on uploads folder to 777.
  8. Amend the wp-config.php file to talk to New Database.
  9. Run the Serialized Find and Replace script from a folder that is different to the root folder (as in instructions!)
  10. Delete folder with the Serialized Find and Replace script. VERY IMPORTANT!
  11. Save your Permalinks.

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