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Why you should go out of your Comfort Zone!

Why you should go out of your Comfort Zone!

The Cambridge Dictionary defines ‘Comfort Zone; as “a situation in which you feel comfortable and in which your ability and determination are not being tested“.

Just being honest now: I like being in my Comfort Zone. It is a nice place to be. I do feel comfortable and competent in what I am doing whether it is in my personal or professional life. I can relax and feel content.


I have one of those inquisitive minds that wants to be challenged and tested. I seem to thrive on stress and I work better when I am slightly stressed. The adrenaline kicks in and I think a little clearer. I think this is why I followed the IT, Digital and Web route in my personal and professional life. There is a constant learning curve with new technologies and languages coming out that I have to keep up with. It is a constant challenge that I enjoy!

Examples of how I have gone out of my Comfort Zone…

Getting my race license!

In 2010 I got my Car Race license. I have always loved driving and watching motorsports so wanted to have a go. The thrill of driving around a race track and the danger is a big adrenaline rush which I love! I have done sprint racing and a couple of 24hr events as well.

Going to the cinema alone!

In 2012 I split with my partner of 8 years. I realised I had never gone to the Cinema by myself. I had always gone with friends or with him. I had a day trip to Brighton on my own and saw that Skyfall was out. I really wanted to see the film so I went and watched it. The cinema was incredibly busy and I could see plenty of other people that were on their own. I enjoyed it! And Daniel Craig was gorgeous aswell! ;). I have now been on numerous occasions when there has been a film I wanted to see…

Going on holiday alone!

In 2013 I bought my Blue Smart Car which I love to bits. On purchasing the car I was told about Smart Times 2013 which would be held in Switzerland. It is where people who love Smart Cars all come together and have a weekend of partying and hanging out. I knew I would love it. I realised I had not yet been on holiday alone before and decided to plan it. What better than a driving holiday for someone who loves driving! It turned out to be the one of the best holidays I have had and turned my confidence around completely in life. It really bought me out of my shell! I will write a separate story about this!

Driving a truck! 

I basically love everything with wheels on. Since learning to drive I have always been curious as what it would be like to drive a truck. So in February 2015 I used a weeks holiday to get my Class 2 HGV license. You get so used to driving a car that you become “comfortable” with it. On the first day I felt so nervous climbing into the cab for the first time. But I felt alive. I was going out my Comfort Zone again! The truck is bigger than the Smart Car! I loved the whole week and passed my test first time at the end of the week.  I will write a separate story about this!

In summary…do what you want to do in life. Whether you have to do it alone; just go and do it! Do not let anything or anyone hold you back! Just try and step out of your “happy place/comfort zone” and see what is out there.

The Power of Networking for your Freelance Business

So, before I became a Freelance Web Developer, I was in a well paid job, working as a Website Director and getting my monthly pay-check and tasks were given to me each day to work on. I was always busy and I loved it.

Due to a change in my personal life I left that job and decided to dip my toe in the world of Freelance Web Development. I spent a couple of weeks working on my website and then went live with the site. I knew I would not get any clients by just having a website online…although I secretly hoped it! No one rang or called.

I needed to find work…

I then decided to do some research. I searched for local businesses to see if I could find some websites that needed “improvement”. I found a few and rang the companies. No matter how nice I was on the phone…the answer was “No”.

I needed to find work…

I then found out and read about Business Networking. I can see there are quite a few groups around and some are very expensive. All I wanted to do was get a few websites under my belt for my portfolio. I found a local group that met every few weeks. It was £10 a meet. And I am glad I went…

I will be honest. I was nervous. After 11 years of working for a B2B company where my work was given to me by my boss…I was now on my own! The meeting was at 10:00 and I left at 09:00 to give myself plenty of time. But it was raining and the Dartford Bridge was blocked again. I knew I was going to be late. So I pulled over and contacted the organiser. She was going to be late as well. So I didn’t feel as bad. I am never late for anything!

I arrived and there were a few ladies there already. We started talking over a Latte and I explained how I was finding the world of being freelance quite hard to get going. I just wanted a few clients…

It was a great meeting. I got two clients from it. One of my clients introduced me to another client aswell.

In summary…get away from your screen…and go and Network! I know being a web developer or a programmer…it is daunting but it does seem to work. Some meetings will go well and you may get some work and others may not.  But as they say…”you have to be in it to win it…”


How to Migrate WordPress Website with Beaver Builder Installed

Just thought I would document my efforts with uploading a local version of WordPress to a live website. I know it is straightforward. But the straightforward way did not work with Beaver Builder…

Attempt 1:

I used the “Duplicator” Plugin. I liked the ease of this plugin to upload from local to live. However, the Beaver Builder plugin did not like this.

Attempt 2:

I did it manually with exporting my db, uploading my files with FTP and doing a simple find and replace in phpmyadmin from localhost to However, the Beaver Builder plugin did not like this.

Attempt 3:

At this point I was fairly annoyed so then I went to my friend called Google. I found my answer. Turns out that Beaver Builder needs a serialized find and replace. I used this one which the developers of Beaver Builder recommend: READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!

  1. Back up website and database before proceeding.
  2. Export local WordPress database.
  3. Create New Database on Web Hosting.
  4. Create New User on New Database and assign all privileges to said User.
  5. Import data to New Database.
  6. Upload WordPress files via FTP.
  7. Set permissions on uploads folder to 777.
  8. Amend the wp-config.php file to talk to New Database.
  9. Run the Serialized Find and Replace script from a folder that is different to the root folder (as in instructions!)
  10. Delete folder with the Serialized Find and Replace script. VERY IMPORTANT!
  11. Save your Permalinks.