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Why you should go out of your Comfort Zone!

Why you should go out of your Comfort Zone! The Cambridge Dictionary defines ‘Comfort Zone;¬†as “a situation in which you feel comfortable and in which your ability and determination are not being tested“. Just being honest now: I like being in my Comfort Zone. It is a nice place to be. I do feel comfortable […]

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The Power of Networking for your Freelance Business

So, before I became a Freelance Web Developer, I was in a well paid job, working as a Website Director and getting my monthly pay-check and tasks were given to me each day to work on. I was always busy and I loved it. Due to a change in my personal life I left that […]

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How to Migrate WordPress Website with Beaver Builder Installed

Just thought I would document my efforts with uploading a local version of WordPress to a live website. I know it is straightforward. But the straightforward way did not work with Beaver Builder… Attempt 1: I used the “Duplicator” Plugin. I liked the ease of this plugin to upload from local to live. However, the […]

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